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SO! Inc has been in business since 2005, offering over 22 years of practical financial insights
to help clients renovate their financial life.
SO! works in tandem with you so you can continue
to live

We lend a practiced hand to clients, navigating through the everyday stresses and strains
of money by finding alternatives for costly services. We also help you prioritize
 paying off                                                                                                                                                                    your credit cards (aka debt snowball). All in all its about using your cash to make sure                                                                                                                                                               that more of it stays in your hands. 


SO! provides a Financial Architect’s Blueprint to each client, outlining what can be done
to improve managing day-to-day, month-to-month financial stresses most often with the ultimate goal
of being debt free.  The idea is to help you be self-managing and successful at achieving
debt reduction over the long term.

SO!’s Services


Financial Renovations


We work with you to identify goals or what keeps you up at night.  Then we take all your transactions for the last year to track where the money’s going.  Together we build an Action Plan to rearrange your money priorities.  Let’s face it, money helps  live life! (and sleep better, too)


Mortgage Planning


We work with you to look at the various options associated wth your mortgage relative to your cash availability now and in the future.  There are times when its better to slow down the payment of a mortgage and times when it needs to be your main focus.  We’ll help you with your present mortgage holder or source a new one.  Where do you fit?


Financial Concierge


One call away, we know your financial situation.  So when you need a hand optimizing your car insurance, deciding if a TFSA or RSP is the best place for your bonus, we’re there to help you decide. 



We all benefit from it – but who has the time.  Yet the information is invaluable when you want to understand where your money is going and possibly make a change.  Your accountant love’s you more too!  So we provide bookkeeping services for individuals and small businesses.  Breathing easier is worth it!


SO! is also a recognized mortgage agent with Mortgage Alliance and has access to more than 55 lenders.  
 for scenarios where re-designing your mortgage is the most effective solution!

Situations where our expertise has been applied include:

  • Higher than expected tax bills making it necessary to priotize spending,
  • Debt reduction strategies to achieve being debt free by retirement,
  • Out-placement package mangement while searching for new employment,
  • Resolving credit bureau matters to achieve lower lending costs,
  • Debt management strategies to improve disposable income,
  • Basic cash management to achieve savings as well as pay off debt, resulting in an increase in disposable income and
  • Providing referrals to key professional resources: lawyers, investment advisors, accountants and other specialists as required. 
**Please note, we do not create Consumer Proposals nor are we Credit Counsellors or trustees for Bankruptcy.

Find out more About Us, then look at our Services to make financial freedom your reality.


                                    Financial Renovation
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