SO! focusses on helping individuals to get their budget, finances etc in order that
they can build a solid financial foundation for living their life.

Sian Owen
(Welsh for Shawn)
  • MBA awarded in Finance and Marketing (U of T, 1985)
  • Worked in financial services for over 22 years, including:
    • American Express,
    • Royal Trust (now part of Royal Bank),
    • Central Guaranty Trust (now part of TD Canada Trust),
    • Visa Canada,
    • consulting for: Scotiabank, ABSA, Citibank Cost Rica, ANZ and Bank Boston,
    • Home Equity Income Trust (the reverse mortgage people) and
    • Strategic Capital: purchasing annuities and life settlements.
  • Predominantly credit based experience (cards, mortgages, lines of credit) also involving pre-authorized transactions, use of credit bureau information, RSP’s and RESP’s. Essential to all product applications has been how each product fits in each client's overall Financial Blueprint.
  • Launched SO! Inc in 2005 from observations that:
      • consumers were frustrated by trying to be financially wise yet constantly unable to find workable solutions to everyday problems and
      • recognizing an opportunity to leverage my hands-on experience.



You can contact Sian directly at

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