Figuring Out How to Pay Down Debts Faster

To help you figure out how to pay debts down faster, we review all the debts you have.  We look
at your current cash flow and we look at your regular monthly expenses.  Together we look at
what is important to you and living your life and you receive a Financial Renovation that outlines
options and the impact should you apply use them in your day to day cash management.

We know you are busy, so we also offer the service of actually constructing the financial house
based on the feedback from the Renovation.

Planning How You Use Your Severance Payments

One of the most stressful things that happens when you leave employment unexpectedly is how
 you are going to manage your money to last until you get that new position.  Family expectations
 and plans add to the stress.  

SO! has developed a Renovation for the newly unemployed.  We rely on reviewing with you the
priorities for you and your family.  We will take a good look at your expenses to minimize their costs
...and as you will likely have some time while you are searching for the new position, we can provide
 you with a 'to do' list to help you optimize all that money you received.

When you don't know where or when the next pay cheque will arrive, we give you the plan as to how
to make the severance last as long as possible and give you the peace of mind to focus on landing
that great new position!   

You've Retired, Now What?

So you have been working and there have been regular pay cheques and you haven't really thought
 about what happens to your finances after you retire - and we are NOT talking about investments. 
We are talking about paying taxes 5 times a year and the implications of RIF withdrawals, OAS,
CPP, pensions etc all contributing to affording the life after retirment without the hassle!

At SO!, we go over with you what you need to think about and help you draw up the blueprint for
managing the day to day living costs and making sure these costs and payments aren't a surprise. 
We even have a reminder service just to help you out!

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