The Mortgage that is Designed for You

Like me, you probably haven't thought about using the services of a Mortgage Broker.  After all, they
advertise their ability to get credit for those who have difficulty obtaining credit.

But together we need to think again!

Mortgage Brokers have access to over 75 lenders - so instead of just having what a single brand has to offer
like Nike, Reebok and Adidas.  Mortgage Brokers would offer all the brands - after all - sometimes you can
be surprised by the offering that a different brand has to offer vs your 'stand pat' favourite.

So when I started this business, I was just trying to find the best mortgage for a few of my clients - and
imagine my surprise!

That's when I learned the value of mortgage brokers for people who have no difficulty obtaining credit -
there are so many lenders out there, who will offer a product with the smallest of variations - that will make
a huge difference to us!

So I decided to become a mortgage agent with Mortgage Alliance, in order to be able to offer clients -
who have no issues with obtaining credit - the product that can fundamentally help them pay the mortgage off faster!

The Rate is Irrelevant!

Heresay you say?

At the end of the day, the lowest rate possible is so pervasive, we become blinded by a low rate and forget the
other elements like paying a mortgage off faster or the importance of providing the flexibility for
access to cash with a line of credit or even forget about big ongoing future expenses!

SO! Financial Renovation will work through all the options with you to help find the mortgage that will suit your
needs.  We take a close look at how you recive your cash and match it to mortgage payment options.  Believe
it or not - there are someoptions where you can make principal payments of $1 every day if that is how you
want to handle it!  And there are those who are willing to take massive incremental payments that coincide
with any bonuses or year end commission top ups that can be co-ordinated wuth very low monthly payments.

Call us to find out more!  416-822-0347 or write to

Things to think about....

  • how do you get paid?
  • what do you need cash for in the future? (are you planning a renovation, redecorating the living room, expecting?)
  • in your month to month cash flow, are you tight for cash - or do you have a little extra from time to time?
  • .....

Call to go through a detailed list, together we'll find the best solution for you - and pay off that mortgage !!

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